Money for charity

The participants of M4DW have donated a total of 650 euros to the charities that collaborate with M4DW. The organization has added 20% to this amount and handed it over to Triple A, Aspandem and Arboretum.
When people sign up for M4DW they can opt for donating money to one of the local charities which collaborate with M4DW. Triple A (dogs), Aspandem (various projects with handicapped persons) and Arboretum (nature) all work in Marbella and M4DW wants to help them by offering them a space at the Plaza for the start and finish so they inform the public about their work and earn some money. Apart from that participants can donate money when they sign up. Triple A received 255 euros that way, Aspandem 280 and Arboretum 115. The organization of M4DW has added 20% of the amount and handed over the totals to the charities.

C02 Neutral Event

In order to take care of the environment the organization of Marbella 4Days Walking has decided to make the event a CO2 neutral one. This means that all CO2 generated by the organization of this event will be compensated by planting trees.

After the event is finished a study will be done in order to determinate the amount of the CO2 emission caused by the use of electricity, paper and travels. Knowing this, it will be possible to know the quantity of trees necessary to provide enough oxygen to create a neutral balance.

These trees will be donated and planted by Arboretum Marbella . They have special plantations for autochthonous trees  within the municipal limits of Marbella. Arboretum Marbella uses these plantations to maintain original nature and for educational purposes.

Give to charity

Marbella 4Days Walking has chosen 3 local charities to work with: Arboretum Marbella, Aspandem and Triple A. In the inscription process you can make a donation of 10€ to one of them, for every donation the organization will donate another 2€ extra to the cause you choose.

Debra collects money for research regarding a very rare skin disease called Epidermolysis bullosa which is mortal and affect foremost children. Click here for more information.
Triple A
Triple A
Mistreated and lost animals find shelter at the premises of Triple A, volunteers take them in, take care of them and try to find them a new home. With your money medical care and food can be paid for.Aspandem is one of the biggests NGO’s in the province of Marbella. Every day they help about 600 handicapped persons. Their mission is to give them a life as normal as possible in which they can fulfil their dreams and have the maximum possible independency. In Marbella there are various centres where people of all ages can learn and do all kinds of activities.