12th edition

from 5th – 8th October, 2023

the summer holidays are over,
now what?

connect again with your team and business club members

The time has come to go back to work again. Plan something fun in October to break the routine and have fun with your colleagues or members of your Business Club.

We invite you to participate in Marbella 4Days Walking, a sportive, intercultural and fun event. Together with thousands of walkers from all over the world, you will walk a route of 10, 20 or 30 kilometers, an ideal moment to get to know your colleagues or fellow business club members in a different ambience. Chat, motivate each other when the forces fail for a moment, laugh share drink, tapas and dance together after you’ve finished. A perfect day to strengthen ties between employees or partners.

Let's walk!

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in good company

team experiences

Residencia Estates has a fabulous time

The Residencia Estates team in Elviria has been participating for 10 years already. According to its director, Marijke de Nier, none of the employees wants to miss this annual event. “We always walk at least one day as a team, the 20-kilometre route. We close the office, and someone takes care of the company mobile to be able to serve customers. We always have a great time together and since we wear t-shirts with our logo, we have even won a few clients at the event. After having finished, we go out to lunch together and return to the party in the square. Obviously we have signed up for this edition again.”

Highlander Recruitment sets example

Highlander Recruiment, with headquarters in Málaga, will participate this year for the first time. “Since we work in the field of human resources, we understand very well the importance of having a good atmosphere among colleagues. Marbella 4Days Walking is an ideal event for a team to get to know each other in an environment totally different from that of an office. We are however still debating about the challenge we want to set for ourselves: 10 or 20 kilometers” says David Serrano, director of Highlander.

Women networking while walking

Some of the members of the Ellas Business club (Dutch-speaking businesswomen on the Costa del Sol) have already participated on their own in previous editions. But this year they will officially sign up as a club and will be recognizable as such. President Marjan Schut explains why they chose this event: “Our monthly meetings always have a social component, but in general they are more focused on business issues. We have chosen to include a 100% social activity to get to know each other in another environment and have a good time. So you will see us walking and chatting on the 20km route on Saturday.”

Social beings

Participating in M4DW not only promotes a good atmosphere among colleagues, you can also add another social benefit to your walk, raising funds for an charity.

Let your clients, family and friends sponsor the kilometers you walk and donate this money to a cause of your choice.

We have been working for years now with Cudeca and the Red Cross. If your company or business club wants to collaborate with them as well, we can put you contact so that they can advise you on how to raise funds during M4DW, in a playful and fun way. They will also help you, just like us, promoting this on social networks!

the biggest 4Days walking event in Spain

will you be there?

the routes

choose the days and distance you want to participate

Playa route


10-30 km

verde route


10-30 km
130-245 m

vistas route


10-30 km
55-260 m

lago route


10-30 km
55-210 m

White Party

Kick off the 2022 edition in a blast of white!
The festive opening night of the 11th edition of M4DW 2022 will be a reunion of participants, looking forward to the coming days and celebrating life, Marbella style!

Rock-dreamstime_l_59056698-Photo 59056698 Party © Vassiliy Kochetkov Dreamstime.com

Marbella Rocks

Let’s shake, rattle and roll the Fiesta Village! Rock the night away with the best of rock and blues music of all ages.

dreamstime_l_50641167 Photo 50641167 - Beach Musician Party © Rawpixelimages Dreamstime.com


A colourful celebration of life!
The Summer of Love party celebrates freedom, love and our zest for life. Be the most beautiful, and amazing version of yourself and immerse in waves of love, joy and happiness.

Bubbles-dreamstime_l_120035246 Photo 120035246 © Anacoimbra Dreamstime.com

Bubbles & Beats

A sparkling closing party!
The final fizzy party of the event with lots of bubbles and soulful beats.

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