Register online prior to the M4DW event

If you register online prior the day or days you would like to participate, the activation of your ID-chip will be so much faster at administration in contrary to register on site! If you would like to register for one or more days, you can register online until Sunday October 14th 09:00am.

Price online 4 days : 50 euro 
Price per day: 15 euro
Price on site 4 days : 55 euro

If you register online you also can check your personal details in our system including your M4DW walking history and you can report if there would be anything that needs to be changed.


Picasso Transfers will take care of the transfer from La Cañada shopping center to the M4DW square (and vice versa). 
Parking at La Cañada is free and for only 2 euros per ride per person you can use this service. 

Also on the registration day October 10 it is possible to use this transfer. The first shuttle on Wednesday runs from 09: 15 am la Cañada until 04:15 pm.
On all walking days*  the first shuttle leaves at 07:45 am (of course more shuttles will arrive after that time) and the last one leaves at 05:15 pm. 

*Take into account that the 20 kilometers will start only on Thursday 11th of October from 09:15 am, 30 kilometers will start as usual from 08:30 am. All other days the 20 kilometers will start from 09:00 am.

You can board at la Cañada as indicated on this map : Boarding at la Cañada 

Picasso Transfers can also arrange your transfer from and to the airport or another destination, contact them directely for this : or phone +34 663 834 957 (Dutch, English, Spanish, German).

M4DW fiestas

Marbella 4 Days Walking is not only about walking, its about enjoying the music and dancing as well!

We invite all participants together with friends and family to join us during the M4DW opening at Wednesday, 10th of October. It will take place at the Plaza de la Iglesia in the historic centre of Marbella from 08:30 PM. D;aJ Alexander from SkyFly Events and the band de Blaasbalgen with 23 musicians will make sure everyone will get off their seats.

During all 4 days personal trainer Antonio will take care of the warming-up for the participants, followed by the Spanish band Mitá Mitá. From noon both de Blaasbalgen and the Swing Dixieland Band will perform, they will also host the party on Thursday evening at the Plaza de la Iglesia.

Saturday evening the ayuntamiento Marbella has arranged a beautiful spanish evening filled with flamenco and spanish music.

DJ Alexander from SkyFly Events Spain will make sure the Via Gladiola is even more festive on Sunday.

So don’t forget to pack your dancing shoes!

Combine Google Maps with routes M4DW

We offer a new functionality : Combine Google Maps with the routes of Marbella 4Days Walking 

If you combine Google Maps with our routes, then:
– you can see your progress on the route on your mobile phone;
– you can show your actual location to others;
– you can show your actual location to M4DW. 

What do you need:
– Mobile phone with GPS;
– The app Google Maps, free to download from Play Store for Android and Apple Store for Apples;
– A Google account. No Google account? It is very easy to create one. 

Click here for instructions how to install this on your mobile phone.


M4DW supports charities

This year Marbella 4 Days Walking will support again two charities : Triple A and Cudeca.

Triple A is a non-profit animal charity association, mostly run by volunteers, dedicated to help and care for the abandoned and abused animals on the Costa del Sol in the Marbella and San Pedro Alcántara area. More info :

Cudeca is a NGO which offers free specialized care for cancer patients and other terminal patients. They also offer council to the family members. More info:

When signing up on the internet, walkers can choose to donate a certain amount to Cudeca or Triple A. The organization of M4DW adds 1 euro for every 5 euro donated and transfers the whole amount to the charities.

The NGO’s also have a free tent at their disposal during the event so they can promote their organisation and sell products in order to raise more funds.


Photos and info Parque Arroyo de la Represa

We noticed that there are some misunderstandings regarding our new location, therefor we would like to present some additional information.
The allocation of this park was determined by the City of Marbella because any events are not allowed anymore at our former location due to complaints regarding noise disturbance from citizens living in the area of Plaza Deportivo .

The location lies in an elongated strip that winds up from the road at the Alameda to the historic center. 
It is a lovely square in the middle of a park with a pond, small turtles, birds and flowers and a short walk from the Old Town through the authentic castle to the cozy restaurants and bars on Calle Ancha and on the other side Plaza Los Naranjos.
Through the park or through the historic center of Marbella it is easy to quickly reach the boulevard. 

At the start and finish location the tents are placed in a rectangle with the catering at the end of the rectangle opposite a music chapel.
As a result, music and atmosphere are guaranteed in addition to a much more extensive choice of dishes and snacks from our caterer. Of course the delicious beer or wine for the thirst after the walk is not forgotten! 

In the morning the famous band Mita y Mita will be present and we have an instructor for the warming up.
The two bands, Blaasbalgen and Dutch Swingdixieland provide great live music during all afternoons. The arrival on Sunday at the Via Gladiolo is again accompanied by music our DJ from SkyFly – Alexander

All in all, we can look forward to a big sportive party with confidence, as many are already accustomed to Marbella 4Days Walking, Spain`s biggest 4 Days Walking event. 

Pictures Diana Luchies ®M4DW


M4DW @Nijmeegse Vierdaagse

Hans and Clarie Wohl were invited to join the finish of the Nijmeegse Vierdaagse, a 4 days walking event in the Netherlands. 

Of course they saw a lot of familiar faces. We congratulate all participants and the organisation with the 2018 event!!

We hope to see you in October in Marbella #m4dw2018

Another video at YouTube

M4DW routes 2018

The new routes of 2018 are available on the Routes page at this website. The routes have been altered because of the new start- and finish location Parque Arroyo de la Represa

Another big alteration is that on  Sunday, October 14th 2018, the participants who walk 20 kilometers can choose from 2 routes, which you can decide on the day itself and has no influence on the medals :

  • 1 route of 26 kilometers including the Lake of Istán
  • 1 route of 20 kilometers without the Lake of Istán
In 2018 we created all routes with Strava including the altered start- and finish location Parque Arroyo de la Represa. Strava offers an app for mobile phones where you can download our routes so that you can use them during the event. Visit the website: or search for Strava in Play Store (for Android phones) or Apple Store (for i-phones). We recommend installing this prior to the event. The advantage of the Strava app is that you can follow the route live via the GPS on your mobile phone.

The routes are also available on Google Maps.


The screenshot is created in Strava – Day 3 – 20km


Win a dinner!

As an extra reward next to a deserved medal, we will organise a raffle where three Dinner vouchers can be won, each for two people. Those vouchers remain valid for one year up to and including October 20, 2019. As a result, they do not have to be redeemed immediately.
M4DW will choose a restaurant with nice ambiance, tasty food and good wines. An evening enjoying an all inclusive dinner.
Your participant number will be the lot number and only applies to hikers who have walked for 4 days.

A delicious bottle of Champagne will be raffled among the day walkers (1,2 or 3 days).
The raffle will take place on Sunday 14 October at 4 pm in the Goyo Catering Tent on the square. In the absence of the winners, the winner will keep his/her prize.