Also this year there is a tent on the M4DW square where you can go to for medical care.

We have several caretakers led by Berlinda Fennis from where you can go for foot care, preventive taping and advice. Furthermore Frank who is specialized in sports massage and Carin who will also massage but will also provide the warm-up for the walkers in the morning hours.

Near the square there is an ambulance stand-by as well as on the route and at the checkpoints there are first aid boxes available.

WandelWol has donated various care products that the carers can use for walkers.

We are very happy that we have found two companies that together with our organization will ensure that no 20,000 disposable bottles will end up as waste during the Marbella 4 Days Walking 2019.

Rimesa Marbella will sponsor the water tanks with certified drinking water and thanks to Techmate Amsterdam all participants of the Marbella 4 Days will receive a nice refillable bottle of 0.5 liter, also a nice reminder of M4DW!


At the checkpoints the water tanks will be placed where you can refill the bottle. On average, the checkpoints are about 7 km apart, with the 10 km route there is a checkpoint after about 5 km.

The water bottles will be provided to our participants during the activation of your participation in the administration tent.

Due to the bustle in the morning on the square, we advise you to bring the bottle filled from ‘home’ before departure.

More information about the sponsors: – 

#pollution #partners #reducewaste #togetherforthenvironment#thankyou


This year you will enjoy live music and the DJ Team of MOOOV events during Marbella 4 Days Walking. Every day we have an entertaining program at the M4DW Plaza (Plaza del Mar) and many artists will make sure that no one can resist to dance!

Check the complete program at our Fiestas page

We would like to invite everyone to join us for the festive opening of M4DW 2019 at 08:30pm at Plaza del Mar. After the formal inauguration the Swing Dixieland Band and the DJ team of MOOOV events will perform so don’t forget to pack your dancing shoes as well. Of course you can also enjoy a nice drink at the Plaza.

The City of Marbella will organise a Spanish evening at the Plaza de la Iglesia on Saturday 19th of October. At the time of this message that program is not yet available.


Marbella 4 Days Walking wants to contribute in protecting the environment and we will therefore not purchase thousands of disposable water bottles this year.

We are negociating with a local supplier of water tanks – certified clean drinking water – who will be on the routes at various points and where participants can refill a water bottle.
This saves thousands and thousands of disposable bottles and also a lot less effort to collect waste!

Unfortunately, refillable bottles are much more expensive to buy than the disposable bottles.
Therefor our request whether there are companies that want to collaborate with M4DW for our participants and the environment.

A refillable bottle can be provided with a company logo if desired and we also have various other promotion options for a sponsor before and during our event.

If you would like to contribute to the environment with us during the largest 4 walking four-day event in Spain on 17-18-19-20 October 2019 with more than 2000 international walkers, please contact Hans Wohl to discuss the possibilities: info @ or phone +34 639 084 869

Early May Marbella 4Days Walking was attending the General Meeting of the IML in order to be informed whether they were selected as member based upon the outstanding report we got from the inspectors, who attended our event in October 2018.

To our surprise we were confronted during the meeting where a letter from Barcelona member was presented against our membership and that influenced the voting in a negative way.

We do not agree with this procedure because it was decided last year that M4DW was selected as candidate member by the GM, so at that time the letter should have been presented and then the GM could decide whether we were selected as candidate or not,

This year only the excellent report of the IML inspectors was relevant, but this report was not even discussed. Because of the level of the report, this took us completely by surprise.

We have objected against this decision and did ask the President to send an explanation to the members explaining the error.

Next year there will be a voting again and then we expect to be elected.

After the enthousiasm of previous year Sunshine Tours in cooperation with Marbella 4 Days Walking will offer again an excursion to the Caminito del Rey, the Kings Path!
Tour will be Tuesday 22nd October 2019, all entrance cards for October 15th have been sold, sorry!

This offer is inclusing a comfortable bus ride from Marbella centre to Caminito del Rey and Dutch/English tour guide.

We can offer this excursion for the special price of 55 euro per person. Because we only have a limited number of entry-cards we advice you to reserve as soon as possible, first in, first out!

Don’t contact M4DW but directly via Sunshine Tours

In 2019 Marbella 4 Days Walking is supporting two charity organizations:

  • Cudeca, a hospice for cancer patients and their families. More information on website Cudeca
  • Cruz Roja, the spanish Red Cross. More information on website Cruz Roja

You can make a donation whilst subscribing for M4DW 2019 and both charity organisation will also be at the M4DW plaza during #m4dw2019

Maybe you are a member of a hiking club and would you like to promote Marbella 4 Days Walking as well? Below you will find a flyer and a picture that you can download to print or share at your website or social media. Of course you can also share it at your office, sportsclub etc.

Thank you in advance for your help!

Click here for downloading the pdf file::  M4DW 2019 poster pdf

Click here for the image in PNG format:  M4DW 2019 afbeelding

M4DW 2019

Our routemanager of Marbella 4 Days Walking – Joop Huisman – has completed creating new routes of 10 km and adjusted the existing routes, also regarding the new start and finish location : Plaza del Mar.

From this year participants can also choose to walk 4 routes of 10 kilometers or as many days as you would like.

This year we published the routes both in Strava and on Google Maps. On the Routes page you will find information how to install these apps on your mobile device.

Below a few examples of the routes of 2019 and some pictures of our new location Plaza del Mar. All routes are available on the Routes page