We are pleased to announce that the negotiations with the city Marbella have resulted into the new location for Marbella 4 Days Walking : Plaza del Mar at the Paseo Maritimo in Marbella.

We also checked the possiblity to return to the former location Las Terrazzas but we couldn’t accept that since there is no music allowed in that area and live-music to enjoy after walking is such an important part of our event.

Plaza del Mar has all the facilities we need for our event and is very well accessible, also for the supports of the participants.

Together we are going to prepare the largest 4 Day Walking event of Spain into one big sportive party!


From January 1st you can register for the Marbella 4 Days Walking 2019, which will be held on
17-18-19-20 October 2019 via this website.

You can choose from 3 distances:

  • 10 kilometers
  • 20 kilometers
  • 30 kilometers

Prices M4DW 2019:

  • 4 days walking online registration : 53 euros    
  • 4 days walking registration at M4DW plaza : 58 euros
  • 1 day walking online registration : 16 euros
  • 1 day walking registration at M4DW plaza : 17 euros

All participants have probably made loads of pictures during Marbella 4 Days Walking 2018. If you would like it you can share your ultimate favorite picture with us. You can post it on Facebook or send it to us by email to administration@marbella4dayswalking.com

Your picture might be selected for future promotional materials. Thanks for sharing, we are looking forward to lots of beautiful pictures

The eighth edition of Marbella 4 Days Walking has finished with many walkers who enjoyed a drink in the sun and enthusiastically danced to the sounds of the Blaasbalgen and the Swing Dixieland Band.

Participants from no less than 22 countries around the world walked routes of 20 or 30 kilometers.

The week started with heavy showers, which meant that a lot of additional cleaning had to be done on the M4DW square. Luckily it got better from Thursday and a few rain showers do not really prohibit our sportive participants! However, the special route of 10 km for the children was canceled and on Sunday, October 14, we had to modify the route because of the weather forecast (hurricane Leslie), therefore the participants have missed the lake of Istán. But most days the sun was shining and the temperature was very pleasant.

On Thursday, October 11th, the first walkers started. Traditionally this is the easiest day and the route takes them through green areas and along the luxury yachts in the port of Puerto Banús and the 30 kilometers route to San Pedro. The following days the walkers saw different parts of Marbella: Altos de Marbella, Nagueles, Lago de Tortugas, Sierra Blanca and parts of the beach. Most participants did registered for all four days, but especially the walkers from the province of Málaga opted for 1 or 2 days’ participation. The last day finished on Sunday with the Via Gladiolo with music of SkyFly Events, where gladioli were distributed to all participants. Participants who had walked for 4 days received a medal. There were 27 participants who already participated   for the 8th time.

Marbella 4Days Walking is based on the famous 4-daagse in the Netherlands. The difference is that participants in Marbella can choose how many days they would like to walk. We have decided upon that because Spanish people and other foreigners who live on the Costa del Sol are not such fanatical walkers that they ask for free days. They mainly participate on Saturdays and Sundays.

Two members of the International Marching League (IML) have also participated as part of our candidate membership, in May 2019 we will be informed if we will become an official member. The ambassador of the Netherlands – Matthijs van Bonzel – was also present during the opening.

There were around 1,820 participants every day, 85% of them are of Dutch nationality, 6% have Spanish nationality and 9% came from other countries whith mainly large groups from Belgium, Great Britain, Ireland and Sweden. 

66% of the participants are women and the oldest female participant was 81 years old and the oldest male participant was 82 years old. The youngest participant that walked 20 kilometers is 9 years old.

In addition to the medical staff, this year we also had a group of physiotherapists available for the participants and this service is highly appreciated.

On Wednesday evening the opening party at Plaza de Iglesia with DJ Alexander of SkyFly and a performance of the Blaasbalgen. On Thursday, the Blaasbalgen again played together with the Swing Dixieland band. 

This year we supported the charities Triple A and Cudeca. For every donation of 5 € at registration, the organization donates 1 € extra. Thank you very much on behalf of the charities for all contributions, also on the square.

The dates for next year are already known: 17-20 October 2019













Data # m4dw2018

– total number of participants: 2006
– woman 66% male 34%
– top 5 participating nationalities: the Netherlands, England, Spain, Belgium and Sweden
– total number of nationalities: 22
– distance: 20 km: 1245 woman / 614 men
– distance: 30 km: 84 woman / 63 men
– birthdays during the event: 23
– oldest participants: woman 83 years – male 81 years
– youngest participants: woman 12 years – male 9 years
– altitude day (estimates) 1: 20 km 300 meters up, highest point 81 meters, 30 km up 539 meters, highest point 81 meters
– altitude day 2: 20 km up 439 meters, top 253 meters 30 km up: about 810 meters, summit about 300 meters
– altitude day 3: 20 km up 538 meters, top 243 meters 30 km high 695 meters, top 243 meters
– altitude day 4: 20 km up 308 meters, top 68 meters 30 km up: 400 meters, top 68 meters

If you register online prior the day or days you would like to participate, the activation of your ID-chip will be so much faster at administration in contrary to register on site! If you would like to register for one or more days, you can register online until Sunday October 14th 09:00am.

Price online 4 days : 50 euro 
Price per day: 15 euro
Price on site 4 days : 55 euro

If you register online you also can check your personal details in our system including your M4DW walking history and you can report if there would be anything that needs to be changed.

Marbella 4 Days Walking is not only about walking, its about enjoying the music and dancing as well!

We invite all participants together with friends and family to join us during the M4DW opening at Wednesday, 10th of October. It will take place at the Plaza de la Iglesia in the historic centre of Marbella from 08:30 PM. D;aJ Alexander from SkyFly Events and the band de Blaasbalgen with 23 musicians will make sure everyone will get off their seats.

During all 4 days personal trainer Antonio will take care of the warming-up for the participants, followed by the Spanish band Mitá Mitá. From noon both de Blaasbalgen and the Swing Dixieland Band will perform, they will also host the party on Thursday evening at the Plaza de la Iglesia.

Saturday evening the ayuntamiento Marbella has arranged a beautiful spanish evening filled with flamenco and spanish music.

DJ Alexander from SkyFly Events Spain will make sure the Via Gladiola is even more festive on Sunday.

So don’t forget to pack your dancing shoes!

We offer a new functionality : Combine Google Maps with the routes of Marbella 4Days Walking 

If you combine Google Maps with our routes, then:
– you can see your progress on the route on your mobile phone;
– you can show your actual location to others;
– you can show your actual location to M4DW. 

What do you need:
– Mobile phone with GPS;
– The app Google Maps, free to download from Play Store for Android and Apple Store for Apples;
– A Google account. No Google account? It is very easy to create one. 

Click here for instructions how to install this on your mobile phone.


This year Marbella 4 Days Walking will support again two charities : Triple A and Cudeca.

Triple A is a non-profit animal charity association, mostly run by volunteers, dedicated to help and care for the abandoned and abused animals on the Costa del Sol in the Marbella and San Pedro Alcántara area. More info : www.tripleamarbella.org

Cudeca is a NGO which offers free specialized care for cancer patients and other terminal patients. They also offer council to the family members. More info: www.cudeca.org

When signing up on the internet, walkers can choose to donate a certain amount to Cudeca or Triple A. The organization of M4DW adds 1 euro for every 5 euro donated and transfers the whole amount to the charities.

The NGO’s also have a free tent at their disposal during the event so they can promote their organisation and sell products in order to raise more funds.


Hans and Clarie Wohl were invited to join the finish of the Nijmeegse Vierdaagse, a 4 days walking event in the Netherlands. 

Of course they saw a lot of familiar faces. We congratulate all participants and the organisation with the 2018 event!!

We hope to see you in October in Marbella #m4dw2018

Another video at YouTube

The new routes of 2018 are available on the Routes page at this website. The routes have been altered because of the new start- and finish location Parque Arroyo de la Represa

Another big alteration is that on  Sunday, October 14th 2018, the participants who walk 20 kilometers can choose from 2 routes, which you can decide on the day itself and has no influence on the medals :

  • 1 route of 26 kilometers including the Lake of Istán
  • 1 route of 20 kilometers without the Lake of Istán
In 2018 we created all routes with Strava including the altered start- and finish location Parque Arroyo de la Represa. Strava offers an app for mobile phones where you can download our routes so that you can use them during the event. Visit the website: www.strava.com or search for Strava in Play Store (for Android phones) or Apple Store (for i-phones). We recommend installing this prior to the event. The advantage of the Strava app is that you can follow the route live via the GPS on your mobile phone.

The routes are also available on Google Maps.


The screenshot is created in Strava – Day 3 – 20km