The greatest wish of Marbella 4 Days Walking to have a top location for the M4DW event has been fulfilled. We can proudly announce that our negotiations with the municipality have led to the commitment of a permanent place for the coming years: Parque Arroyo de la Represa!

Previously we did announced that we would move to Parque de la Constitución but in practice this location is not suitable for our event.

At this new location all desired amenities are available, it is conveniently located very close to the historic center of Marbella and within walking distance of the Paseo Maritimo and harbour. The layout of the location will take place in the coming weeks, we are convinced that it will be a great location for our sportive party in October.

In the next days we will add photos on Facebook and Instagram and the already registered participants will receive an e-mail with the new address.

Also in our renewed guide there will be a map with an overview of restaurants in the old town and a reference to the familiar address of Hestia, the place to be for an after party.

This 8th edition is made possible by our sponsors, partners and especially our volunteers who put a lot of effort into making the event even more fun this year!

Map Marbella
Parque Arroyo de la Represa


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