Marbella 4Days Walking Friends
Marbella 4Days Walking has a special group of friends. As a friend, either as a private person or as a business entity, you show your support for the walking event. With the contributions we finance certain parts of the event, like for example extra live music.

But your support is more than just financial. A big group of friends shows that a lot of people care about M4DW.

What happens with your money?
Marbella 4Days Walking is a huge walking event that is made possible by the effort of a lot of volunteers, institutions, sponsors and companies. Every one of them pours their heart and soul into this event and wishes to make it better and bigger every year. The money we receive from the Friends will be used to pay specific parts of the event and this will be communicated clearly. In 2016 we hope to finance the costs for the water along the route with these contributions.

Friends with benefits
You are not only supporting the event, you also get something in return:

  • an invitation for two persons to the official openings reception of M4DW
  • an inscription for 4 days M4DW (transferable)
  • your name will be published in the information guide for the walkers and on our website
  • a unique ‘Friend of M4DW’ buttonThe membership fee is 100€ (incl. IVA) per year.

Becoming a friend is easy
You can sign up as a friend of Marbella 4Days Walking by using the form below or by sending a mail to info@marbella4dayswalking.com stating your name, address and date of birth. You will then receive the payment details.