Read our positive NEWS! ?
We finally have some good news, it´s free insurance for tourist who catches COVID-19 in Andalusia. Of course, we hope that this insurance will not be necessary!
This insurance applies to every traveller who, in the unlikely event, contracts Corona in Andalusia, regardless of the means of transport with which they arrive in Andalusia and regardless of age.
This insurance is taken out with the French company Europ Assistance S.A. It means that one is covered for €4.000 for medical, surgical, pharmaceutical costs related to COVID-19 and with a liability of €100.
If the stay has to be extended due to quarantine, the insurance will cover up to €5.000 up to a maximum of 15 days for both the infected and the travelling party. Repatriation costs can be added to this if this is necessary for health reasons or due to death.
Should tourists be obliged to go into quarantine after having been in contact with a person infected with COVID-19, the insurance also reimbursed the accommodation and living expenses.
This insurance applies to travellers from all parts of the world who visit exclusively only Andalusia.
Since this cover is usually not included in insurance policies from for example the Netherlands and the United Kingdom, this is excellent news for all international participants, quite reassuring too, but let’s hope it will not be necessary.