In October the weather in the south of Spain is still perfect, no too hot and not too cold, a great time for walking. We invite you, together with walkers from all over the world, to discover the unknown sides of Marbella during Marbella 4Days Walking on 12, 13, 14 and 15 October.

The Terrazas del Puerto Deportivo, near the historic city centre, will be the starting point for the 20 and 30 km routes which will lead you through the city, the nature and along the beach. The last day, the 15th of October, you will walk the Via Gladiolo (gladiolus being the Roman symbol for victory) back to the Terrazas del Puerto Deportivo where you will be welcomed with loud cheers.

You can participate on all four days but it is also possible to choose the days that suit you most. In short: a perfect opportunity for a holiday!

Check out our facebook page

Check out our facebook page for the pictures of the 2016 edition.


Dates & Location

The dates for 2017 are 12, 13, 14 and 15 and October. You can pick up your credentials on 11 October.


The cost for 4 full days is 45 euros (online inscription only). If you wish to participate fewer days, the daily fee is 13,50 euros.


From beautifull beach walks to challenging slopes. Pick either 20 or 30 km routes.

Transport & Accommodations

Marbella is situated at 30 minutes from Málaga airport. There is excellent public transport (buses) between both cities and the airport. There are about 90 accommodations in Marbella.


Every day there is live music at the Terrazas del Puerto Deportivo (start & departure). In the evening you can enjoy dance and music performances in the old city centre.

M4DW Kids

On Sunday there is a shorter route especially for children. Fun for the whole family, school class or sports team.


CO2 neutraal

The Marbella 4 Days Walking event is CO2 Neutral.


Our event could not take place without the help of over 50 volunteers.


When you sign up you can choose to donate to local charities: Cudeca or Triple A. For every 5 euro you donate, we give 1 euro extra.