Early May Marbella 4Days Walking was attending the General Meeting of the IML in order to be informed whether they were selected as member based upon the outstanding report we got from the inspectors, who attended our event in October 2018.

To our surprise we were confronted during the meeting where a letter from Barcelona member was presented against our membership and that influenced the voting in a negative way.

We do not agree with this procedure because it was decided last year that M4DW was selected as candidate member by the GM, so at that time the letter should have been presented and then the GM could decide whether we were selected as candidate or not,

This year only the excellent report of the IML inspectors was relevant, but this report was not even discussed. Because of the level of the report, this took us completely by surprise.

We have objected against this decision and did ask the President to send an explanation to the members explaining the error.

Next year there will be a voting again and then we expect to be elected.