The organization of M4DW and Interchem have prolonged their collaboration for another year. A new sponsor contract has been signed with Tielemans Keukens (kitchens) from The Netherlands. Both companies are enthusiast about the walking event in Marbella and decided to sponsor it even though their products are not related to walking.

Tielemans Keukens is a well-known company in The Netherlands, waste recycling company Interchem may not be as famous with the main public but their brand Intergreen (sustainable paints) is used in a lot of businesses and households. Both businesses will be present with a tent at the start and finish and like other years, part of their staff will participate in the walks. The organization of M4DW is happy about the collaboration. Hans Wohl: “M4DW is an event that a lot of people enjoy. There is a very positive ambience and that is exactly why businesses like to relate their name to it. Having them as sponsors means we can do extra stuff without increasing the fee for the walkers.”

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