“Keep Calm and Walk M4DW”



Andalucia has been given code level 1 since Thursday, September 16, which means that Andalucia is now green.

This has the consequence that we can be much freer and that our event is happening. Of course, it must be taken into account that we always have to carry our masks with us, because that is mandatory for all indoor spaces. Also that we have to keep a safe distance, but everything else is much better and free.

We can finally sit outside with full 100 % capacity and order drinks at the bar, but again with a good distance. A maximum of 10 people can sit now together at the tables.

But the most important thing is that we also can dance, but with a mask on. That is great news especially for the great artists we have booked.

We also have a superb promotion with the parking garage Plaza del Mar under the start/finish area, where you can park 4 days at a special price for €30, as long as you can show proof that you are a participant (so with lanyard or print of registration). This also applies to our volunteers.

All in all, we are looking so much forward to a great 10th anniversary 4-day event with the IVV/IML cup and IML members.

A few tips:

– For those who come from abroad, a so-called StpH form with a QR code is required. The DCC pass or negative PCR test is not sufficient but is processed in the Spanish StpH QR code.

– You can get this form by going to SPANISH TRAVEL HEALTH on Google

– Always keep your mask near and in your bag or pocket because it is mandatory everywhere you go.

– We are also obliged to follow a protocol so please follow all directions you encounter.


For our post-promotion, we´d like to ask participants with an iPhone 11 or 12 to make short videos and send them to: socialmedia@marbella4dayswalking.com

Furthermore, we wish you a great 10th edition of Marbella 4Days Walking!