This year you will enjoy live music and the DJ Team of MOOOV events during Marbella 4 Days Walking. Every day we have an entertaining program at the M4DW Plaza (Plaza del Mar) and many artists will make sure that no one can resist to dance!

Check the complete program at our Fiestas page

We would like to invite everyone to join us for the festive opening of M4DW 2019 at 08:30pm at Plaza del Mar. After the formal inauguration the Swing Dixieland Band and the DJ team of MOOOV events will perform so don’t forget to pack your dancing shoes as well. Of course you can also enjoy a nice drink at the Plaza.

The City of Marbella will organise a Spanish evening at the Plaza de la Iglesia on Saturday 19th of October. At the time of this message that program is not yet available.