Since 2016, according to an IVV/IML cooperation, three events per year of each association, the IML and the IVV, have been selected for the so-called common IVV/IML Cup program.
By IML we have been offered to organize the Marbella 4Days Walking as the third event in 2020, although our membership om IML still is pending and will be decided upon in 2020.

Of course, we are very delighted by this offer which we gladly accepted and we hope that a lot of IVV / IML members will join our event in 2020 from 8 till 11 October 2020.











IML walkers can attend Marbella 4 Days Walking 2020 and will receive the IVV/IML Cup stamp in the corresponding record book and also in the normal IML passport.

Participants who attend the IVV / IML Cup program have to walk 20 km as a minimum (children and people older than 70 years only 10 km per day) every 4 days of the event. The stamp will be given only on the last day of the event. As our event is a 4-day event, the IVV/IML cup participants have to walk 4 days of 20 km each to receive the stamp. This does not apply to the normal IVV stamps, which are issued daily as usual.

During registration which will be opened from January 1st, 2020 via our website you can register during the procedure that you are an IML member.

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