The seventh edition of Marbella 4Days Walking closed again with hundreds of walkers who enjoyed a drink in the sun and danced with enthusiasm to the rhythm of the many bands. Adults and children from 21 countries around the world walked 20, 30 or 10 kilometers. This year more than 2200 walkers signed up and 208 children participated.

Unfortunately, more than 100 participants could not come because at the last minute, a flight from the Netherlands was canceled and there were not enough alternatives available to everyone. We all feel very sorry for them, what a disappointment…

Our compliments for those hikers who, after traveling many hours and taking complicated routes, still managed to reach Marbella!

On Thursday October 12, the first hikers started. Traditionally this is the quietest day, the route leads them through green districts, and along the luxury yachts in Puerto Banús and the 30-kilometer route went to San Pedro. The following days the hikers saw different parts of Marbella: Altos de Marbella, Nagüeles, the Istán dam, The Turtle Lake, Sierra Blanca and parts of the beach. Most participants have enrolled for all four days. Most hikers from the province of Málaga chose to attend 1 or 2 days. The Marbella 4days was closed on Sunday with the “Via Gladiolo” route, where gladiolus were handed out to all participants. Participants who had walked for 4 days received a medal. There were 33 hikers who participated M4DW for the 7th time.

A special hiker that day was Ambassador Matthijs van Bonzel who after having walked the 20 kilometers route, handed out the medals.

Marbella 4Days Walking is based on the famous four-day march in the Netherlands. The difference is that participants in Marbella can choose how many days they want to walk. This is done like that because Spaniards and other foreigners who live on the Costa del Sol are not so fanatic that they take days off for it and participate mainly on Saturday and Sunday. Since Spaniards like to walk with the whole family, we started in 2016 with the Marbella Kids walk. On Sunday there was a special 10-kilometer route for children between 4 and 12 years old.

Each day there were around 1,850 participants, of which 80% were Dutch, 6% Spanish and 14% came from other countries with large groups from Belgium, Great Britain, Ireland and Germany. 62% of the participants are women. The oldest participant was 85 years old and the oldest male participant was 82 years old. The youngest participants who walked 20 kilometers were 11 years old.

In addition to the medical staff, this year we also had a group of physiotherapists available to the participants; a free service that was used with enthusiasm.

Marbella 4Days Walking has become a great event, to which many entrepreneurs have also responded. Throughout the city, shops and restaurants offer special discounts or “four-day” menus. The municipality organized music and dance performances in the old town every night. During the day, at the start and finishing venue, there was music from the “Kwakbergband”, the “Swing Dixieland band” and DJ Alexander from Sky Fly events. Additionally, on Saturday, the Karina Parra dance school offered a flamenco performance.

This year we have supported the charities Triple A and Cudeca. For each donation of € 5 at the time of registration, the organization donates € 1 extra. On behalf of the charities, we thank you for all the contributions, also for those that have been made at the start/finishing plaza.

The dates for next year are already known: October 11 – 14. You can register as from January 1, 2018


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