Marbella 4Days Walking offers a new service this year: M4DW Experience. It is an invitation to combine the participation in the event with a holiday to discover the many aspects of Andalusia. Walking organizations all over the world will receive various articles written by journalists who live in the province of Málaga, telling about their favourite places.

The sixth edition of Marbella 4Days Walking will take place from 13 till 16 October. About 70% of the participants come from abroad, mainly European countries, and other parts of Spain. Knowing that people who live in for example Australia or the United States will not travel to Marbella just to walk 4 days, the organization has decided to offer them something more. At the website they can find various suggestions for planning a holiday of a couple of weeks, travelling in Andalusia or making day trips from Marbella. Three journalists have been invited to write an article about the places they feel people should visit. In order to make the planning more easy there is a special M4DW coach. She can respond to questions about the best places to visit, where to get tickets for museums, where to go for surfing/hiking/biking or what dishes you should try when visiting a village in the inland.

The information about M4DW Experience will be distributed via the International Marching League to walking organizations all over the world. Every time a new article comes out, another mailing will be sent. All information about M4DW Experience can be found at