M4DW routes 2018

The new routes of 2018 are available on the Routes page at this website. The routes have been altered because of the new start- and finish location Parque Arroyo de la Represa

Another big alteration is that on  Sunday, October 14th 2018, the participants who walk 20 kilometers can choose from 2 routes, which you can decide on the day itself and has no influence on the medals :

  • 1 route of 26 kilometers including the Lake of Istán
  • 1 route of 20 kilometers without the Lake of Istán
In 2018 we created all routes with Strava including the altered start- and finish location Parque Arroyo de la Represa. Strava offers an app for mobile phones where you can download our routes so that you can use them during the event. Visit the website: www.strava.com or search for Strava in Play Store (for Android phones) or Apple Store (for i-phones). We recommend installing this prior to the event. The advantage of the Strava app is that you can follow the route live via the GPS on your mobile phone.

The routes are also available on Google Maps.


The screenshot is created in Strava – Day 3 – 20km


Win a dinner!

As an extra reward next to a deserved medal, we will organise a raffle where three Dinner vouchers can be won, each for two people. Those vouchers remain valid for one year up to and including October 20, 2019. As a result, they do not have to be redeemed immediately.
M4DW will choose a restaurant with nice ambiance, tasty food and good wines. An evening enjoying an all inclusive dinner.
Your participant number will be the lot number and only applies to hikers who have walked for 4 days.

A delicious bottle of Champagne will be raffled among the day walkers (1,2 or 3 days).
The raffle will take place on Sunday 14 October at 4 pm in the Goyo Catering Tent on the square. In the absence of the winners, the winner will keep his/her prize.

Rent a bicycle during M4DW

During M4DW 2018 we offer you the possibility to rent a bicycle.
Price per day is 10 euro.
The bicycle can be picked up ( from Wednesday) and returned (Sunday) at the M4DW square Parque Arroyo de la Represa. You can also pay there.
If you would like to rent a bicycle for an extended period of time (more then 5 days) its also possible to have it delivered at your hotel.

For reserving a bicycle, send an email to info@marbella4dayswalking.com with your details, dates and if you want a woman’s or men’s bike.


Personal details

Within the context of the privacy law and the quality of our system, Marbella 4 Days Walking offers you the opportunity to view your personal details and, if necessary, to correct or complete them.

You can find the page on this website : Personal Details.

You need your participantsnumber and password in order to view your details. Forgot or lost them? Contact admin of M4DW: participation@marbella4dayswalking.com




Transfer services

We have reached agreement with Picasso transfers so that the accessibility of the new location makes expensive parking/garage costs redundant. Anyone with a car can park this on the large parking lot of the shopping center outside of Marbella La Cañada. A shuttle bus is ready to transport everyone for 2.00 euros p.p. per ride to the start/finish location. The times of the shuttle buses are from 07:30am- 09:30am and in the afternoon from 16.00pm – 19.00pm. We would appreciate if you could inform us now or prior to the event whether you want to use it because then we can estimate how many buses we have to reserve. You can send a message to info@marbella4dayswalking.com

Picasso Transfers can also arrange your transfer from and to the airport. Contact them via : info@picassotransfers.com or call: +34 663 834 957 (English, German and Dutch)

Picasso Transfers


M4DW Privacy Statement

Consciously or unconsciously, you share personal information with us. We believe it is important to deal with your personal data carefully. That is why we have explained to you in this statement how we deal with your personal data and what rights you have : Privacy policy M4DW

If you have any questions after reading this statement, please feel free to ask your question by e-mail: participation@marbella4dayswalking.com


IML Walking Association & M4DW

We are very proud and happy that we have been accepted as IML Walking Association candidate member!! 

The IML Walking Association is a non-political, non-profit organisation whose purpose is:
– to promote walking as a worthwhile and healthy recreation and
to foster international understanding and goodwill by encouraging participation at walking events in other countries through a program of incentive awards. This is accomplished by promoting international multi-day non-competitive walking events in each of the member countries.

Members of IML will visit us in October and the results will be evaluated in May 2019 by the IML board. We are looking forward to this new and exciting cooperation!

For more information about IML, visit their website or facebook page

‘May walking bring us together’

Presentation for IML members by Hans Wohl

Visit new location Parque Arroyo de Represa by M4DW team

A part of the M4Dw team has visited our new location Parque Arroyo de Represa in Marbella. We are very enthousiastic about the athmosphere and available utilities. We have decided upon a concept lay-out for the park so we can continu now with all details. We are convinced you will all enjoy the new M4DW location and we almost can’t wait till October!

M4DW team

We also created a short video, you can watch it via YouTube : Parque Arroyo de Represa March 20

Changed location M4DW : Parque Arroyo de la Represa

The greatest wish of Marbella 4 Days Walking to have a top location for the M4DW event has been fulfilled. We can proudly announce that our negotiations with the municipality have led to the commitment of a permanent place for the coming years: Parque Arroyo de la Represa!

Previously we did announced that we would move to Parque de la Constitución but in practice this location is not suitable for our event.

At this new location all desired amenities are available, it is conveniently located very close to the historic center of Marbella and within walking distance of the Paseo Maritimo and harbour. The layout of the location will take place in the coming weeks, we are convinced that it will be a great location for our sportive party in October.

In the next days we will add photos on Facebook and Instagram and the already registered participants will receive an e-mail with the new address.

Also in our renewed guide there will be a map with an overview of restaurants in the old town and a reference to the familiar address of Hestia, the place to be for an after party.

This 8th edition is made possible by our sponsors, partners and especially our volunteers who put a lot of effort into making the event even more fun this year!

Map Marbella
Parque Arroyo de la Represa


FITUR 2018 a succes!

Hans and Clarie Wohl accompanied by Elvira Boitelle had been invited on behalf of the city Marbella to have a presentation at FITUR 2018 (Feria Internaciónal de Turismo) in Madrid last week regarding Marbella 4 Days Walking. FITUR 2018 could welcome 251.000 visitors this year. The presentation at the 18th of January by Hans Wohl was attented by the mayor of Marbella, Ángeles Muñoz. She emphasised that Marbella 4 Days Walking is one of the main attractions for the city Marbella. Also the ambassador of the Netherlands in Spain, Matthijs van Bonzel – who participated a number of times in Marbella 4 Days Walking – spoke to the mayor during the reception of the city Marbella in Madrid about the succes of the largest 4 days walking event in Spain.