We are very happy that we have found two companies that together with our organization will ensure that no 20,000 disposable bottles will end up as waste during the Marbella 4 Days Walking 2019.

Rimesa Marbella will sponsor the water tanks with certified drinking water and thanks to Techmate Amsterdam all participants of the Marbella 4 Days will receive a nice refillable bottle of 0.5 liter, also a nice reminder of M4DW!


At the checkpoints the water tanks will be placed where you can refill the bottle. On average, the checkpoints are about 7 km apart, with the 10 km route there is a checkpoint after about 5 km.

The water bottles will be provided to our participants during the activation of your participation in the administration tent.

Due to the bustle in the morning on the square, we advise you to bring the bottle filled from ‘home’ before departure.

More information about the sponsors:
www.rimesa.es – https://www.facebook.com/Rimesa.es/

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