Countdown for M4DW

About 1.500 participants have signed up already to walk the routes of 20 or 30kms a day. They are coming to Marbella not only to walk but to party as well, there will be live music and dance performances in the city centre every day. The event takes place from 13 till 16 October.

Marbella 4Days Walking started in 2011 with 658 participants and has grown to be an important event for Marbella during the low season. About 80% of the participants comes from abroad and they usually bring along family and friends to enjoy a holiday. The organizers of the event are Dutch residents so they have easy access to the Dutch market where this kind of events is very popular. That is also why there are three tour operators who offer the flight, hotel and walks from the Netherlands and one who does the same for the people from Belgium. A recent worldwide campaign to promote M4DW brings for the first time bigger groups of walkers from Denmark, Estonia, Norway, Ireland and Great Britain. “Last year we had walkers from Japan and Poland and they return this year with more friends” says organiser Hans Wohl. “The event itself is the best promotion, we see that people who have participated either come back with more friends or recommend the event. That is why we see the amount of participants from certain countries growing every year.” Those who have signed up until now almost all come from other countries. Spaniards and foreign residents from the province of Málaga tend to sign up a couple of weeks before the event or even on the morning before the walk starts. There will be 19 nationalities participating this year and there are a total of 1.900 walkers and 3.000 visitors expected.

All routes start and finish at Las Terrazas del Puerto Deportivo. The walkers start between 8.30 and 9.30hrs and will have to be back before 16.30hrs. There is a different route of 20 and 30 kms every day. The routes pass through the city centre, Nagüeles, Xarblanca, Puerto Banús, San Pedro, Altos de Marbella, Nueva Andalucía and the Vía Verde. Walkers can choose the amount of days they want to participate, those who walked all 4 days will receive a medal on Sunday. On Saturday 15 and Sunday 16 of October there are special routes of 6kms for kids. There is live music at Las Terrazas del Puerto Deportivo every day till 17hrs.

Atalaya College participates at Childrens’ day

The students of the Colegio Atalaya will  participate at a special route of Marbella 4Days Walking on the 13th of October. It is the second year that the organization invites a school for the ‘Day of the children”. The kids will be received at Las Terrazas del Puerto Deportivo at 10hrs with music and start their 6km walk. They will return at about the same time as the adult walkers of the longer routes so they can celebrate together that they finished the route.

Last year was the fifth anniversary of Marbella 4Days Walking and the organization of the event decided to invite the children of IES Xarblanca for what was to be the celebration of the first ‘Day of the children’. “More than 400 kids walked along, it was a pleasure to see them enjoy themselves” says organizer Hans Wohl. “Walking is not only good for health; it is also an activity that can be enjoyed in company. That is exactly what walkers do during M4DW, have fun in a healthy way with walkers from all over the world. Because you can’t start early enough doing physical exercise, we decided to invite children from the Marbella region.”

“I learned about the fact that schools could participate in the social media. We decided that we wanted to form part and are happy that our school has been chosen for this special day of M4DW”says Gema Muñoz Jiménez, coordinator of Educación Primaria of the Colegio Bilingüe Atalaya.   “Our students will be able to enjoy a sports activity outside, we feel it is important for children to have healthy habits and this is one way to promote this.”

The Colegio Atalaya is a bilingual school in Estepona with students from Marbella, San Pedro, Benahavís and other villages nearby. Students can start at the early age of 3 and continue till they’ve finished the bachillerato. After school there are several activities dedicated to reinforce academic, social, creative and sportive skills.

Marbella 4Days Walking Experience – Enjoy Andalusia from Marbella

Marbella 4Days Walking offers a new service this year: M4DW Experience. It is an invitation to combine the participation in the event with a holiday to discover the many aspects of Andalusia. Walking organizations all over the world will receive various articles written by journalists who live in the province of Málaga, telling about their favourite places.

The sixth edition of Marbella 4Days Walking will take place from 13 till 16 October. About 70% of the participants come from abroad, mainly European countries, and other parts of Spain. Knowing that people who live in for example Australia or the United States will not travel to Marbella just to walk 4 days, the organization has decided to offer them something more. At the website they can find various suggestions for planning a holiday of a couple of weeks, travelling in Andalusia or making day trips from Marbella. Three journalists have been invited to write an article about the places they feel people should visit. In order to make the planning more easy there is a special M4DW coach. She can respond to questions about the best places to visit, where to get tickets for museums, where to go for surfing/hiking/biking or what dishes you should try when visiting a village in the inland.

The information about M4DW Experience will be distributed via the International Marching League to walking organizations all over the world. Every time a new article comes out, another mailing will be sent. All information about M4DW Experience can be found at

Humanline takes care of the walkers

The organization of M4DW has signed a contract with the director of Humanline Hospital Banús, they will handle all medical assistance during the event. Their doctors and fysiotherapists will be present at the first aid tent at Las Terrazas. Apart from that they will provide an ambulance along the route.

Humanline Hospital Banús is a new concept in medicine. It combines specialized medical care with excellent installations, personalized attention in the language the patient speaks, in the best place in Marbella.

It is a perfect place to do a check up, get a consult with a specialist or be operated on. Among the specialties you can find digestive medicine, aesthetic surgery, a centre for weight control and eating disorders and neurosurgery.  The hospital has an emergency room, ambulances, physiotherapists, laboratory and radiology department.

Raffle for ‘children’s day’ M4DW

Marbella 4Days Walking invites the local schools to participate at the special children’s day on the 13th of October. From all applications 2 schools will be drawn. Last year we did a pilot project with the students from CEIP Xarblanca and the children, teachers and organization of M4DW enjoyed the experience. (click here to see the pictures) The walk formed part of a special education programme of the school.

For the 6th edition we’ve decided to do a raffle. Two schools can participate with their students between the ages of 9 and 12. The draw will take place in the first week of May and the result will be published on our website and facebook. All boards have received an invitation so the children and parents who want their school to participate can contact them to apply.

For all kids who can’t participate on the 13th of October: in the weekend there are special routes of 6km during Marbella 4Days Walking Kids.

M4DW & DEBRA Spain

The organization of M4DW has signed an agreement with DEBRA Spain. Walkers can donate money to this charity when they sign up for M4DW. DEBRA will also be present during the event itself so the public can get to know more about this rare disease and help them helping patients and their family.

The Butterfly Children Charity (DEBRA Spain) is a National Charity working on behalf of people in Spain with the genetic skin condition Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB). It is given the name Butterfly Skin because the people who suffer from the condition have skin as fragile as a butterfly’s wing. It causes severe blistering and open wounds to the skin, eyes and internally within the digestive system. At present there is no cure only daily bandaging treatment to prevent and protect the skin. The Charity has a medical team comprised of 3 nurses, 2 social workers and 2 psychologists. Together they provide nursing and psycho-social care to all those affected and their families. Funds raised allow the medical team and the Butterfly Children Charity to carry out their 4 main projects; visiting new born babies anywhere in Spain, home visits to the families, holding an annual National Meeting and attending a specialist clinic once a month in La Paz Hospital, Madrid. The main aim is to improve the lives of the people suffering from Butterfly Skin.

If you would like to know more about the charity please see or if you would like to support the charity please visit one of the local charity shops in Marbella, San Pedro and Malaga

Money for charity

The participants of M4DW have donated a total of 650 euros to the charities that collaborate with M4DW. The organization has added 20% to this amount and handed it over to Triple A, Aspandem and Arboretum.
When people sign up for M4DW they can opt for donating money to one of the local charities which collaborate with M4DW. Triple A (dogs), Aspandem (various projects with handicapped persons) and Arboretum (nature) all work in Marbella and M4DW wants to help them by offering them a space at the Plaza for the start and finish so they inform the public about their work and earn some money. Apart from that participants can donate money when they sign up. Triple A received 255 euros that way, Aspandem 280 and Arboretum 115. The organization of M4DW has added 20% of the amount and handed over the totals to the charities.

C02 Neutral Event

In order to take care of the environment the organization of Marbella 4Days Walking has decided to make the event a CO2 neutral one. This means that all CO2 generated by the organization of this event will be compensated by planting trees.

After the event is finished a study will be done in order to determinate the amount of the CO2 emission caused by the use of electricity, paper and travels. Knowing this, it will be possible to know the quantity of trees necessary to provide enough oxygen to create a neutral balance.

These trees will be donated and planted by Arboretum Marbella . They have special plantations for autochthonous trees  within the municipal limits of Marbella. Arboretum Marbella uses these plantations to maintain original nature and for educational purposes.

Give to charity

Marbella 4Days Walking has chosen 3 local charities to work with: Arboretum Marbella, Aspandem and Triple A. In the inscription process you can make a donation of 10€ to one of them, for every donation the organization will donate another 2€ extra to the cause you choose.

Debra collects money for research regarding a very rare skin disease called Epidermolysis bullosa which is mortal and affect foremost children. Click here for more information.
Triple A
Triple A
Mistreated and lost animals find shelter at the premises of Triple A, volunteers take them in, take care of them and try to find them a new home. With your money medical care and food can be paid for.Aspandem is one of the biggests NGO’s in the province of Marbella. Every day they help about 600 handicapped persons. Their mission is to give them a life as normal as possible in which they can fulfil their dreams and have the maximum possible independency. In Marbella there are various centres where people of all ages can learn and do all kinds of activities.