11th edition

from 6th – 9th October, 2022

5 - 8 october, marbella 4Days FIESTA

Marbella 4Days Fiesta will kick off at the 11th edition of Marbella 4Days Walking!

Everyone is welcome at the Plaza del Mar. Locals, tourists and participants with their friends and family alike.

During the day, Plaza del Mar will be the traditional Walking Village with live music and entertainment, open to all.

From 18.00 hours onwards, the Plaza will turn into the Fiesta Village,

another event you don’t want to miss, so make sure you get your tickets early!


Food, drinks, entertainment and fantastic shows with live artists plus DJs ensure an unforgettable & fun evening.

Every evening has a different theme. On Wednesday, the opening celebration will be a White* Party, starting at 19.00hrs.

Buy your ticket today, including those for family & friends.

Enjoy the vibe and dance as if you don’t have to walk the next day…

Don´t hesitate! We have limited capacity.


*other colours welcome, but preferably wear white.

Every evening a different THEME


White Party

Kick off the 2022 edition in a blast of white!
The festive opening night of the 11th edition of M4DW 2022 will be a reunion of participants, looking forward to the coming days and celebrating life, Marbella style!

Rock-dreamstime_l_59056698-Photo 59056698 Party © Vassiliy Kochetkov Dreamstime.com

Marbella Rocks

Let’s shake, rattle and roll the Fiesta Village! Rock the night away with the best of rock and blues music of all ages.

dreamstime_l_50641167 Photo 50641167 - Beach Musician Party © Rawpixelimages Dreamstime.com


A colourful celebration of life!
The Summer of Love party celebrates freedom, love and our zest for life. Be the most beautiful, and amazing version of yourself and immerse in waves of love, joy and happiness.

Bubbles-dreamstime_l_120035246 Photo 120035246 © Anacoimbra Dreamstime.com

Bubbles & Beats

A sparkling closing party!
The final fizzy party of the event with lots of bubbles and soulful beats.

early bird tickets:

untill the 20th of september


Wednesday 5th
  • 1 DAY
  • White accessory
  • Collectors Item
full = Full


Wed 5th, Thurs 6th, Fri 7th & Sat 8th
  • White Party included
  • White Party welcome drink
  • White accessory
  • Collectors Item
Best Deal

This year Marbella 4Days Walking & 4Days Fiesta takes another step towards sustainability by introducing reusable and returnable cups for all drinks.

This includes water at the bars on the Plaza del Mar, helping us to cut down on plastic waste.

Simply pay a deposit of 2€ when buying your first drink at any bar, and keep the cup with you. Cups can be exchanged for clean ones by purchasing a new drink. Just ask the bar staff.

Used cups can be returned, and the deposit refunded at the Recycle Desk.


Cups can be purchased at all bars during Marbella 4Days Fiesta for €2.

(Free M4DF Cup for White Party).

We recommend you keep your cup. Otherwise, you will have to purchase a new one.

Your cup will be replaced by a fresh one EACH TIME you buy a new drink if you return the previously purchased cup.

Used cups can be returned, and the deposit of €2 refunded.


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