Marbella 4Days Walking

2024 edition

from the 3rd – 6th of October

4 Days less siesta & more fiesta!

We invite you to enjoy the festive ambience with live performances and DJ’s from noon till early evening. There’s music, food and drinks, you only have to bring your party mood and enough energy to dance!


2 - 6 October 2024

entrance included

If you have registered for M4DW, we already know that you are likely to stick around for the parties at the Plaza del Mar.

There is nothing more you need to do: just join the fun!

Friends, family & locals: please register

You are more than welcome to join the parties. But for safety reasons we like to know how many people will be there.


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Wednesday: White Party

Kick off the 2024 edition in a blast of white @20.00 hrs!
The festive opening night of M4DW will be a reunion of participants, looking forward to the coming days and celebrating life, Marbella style!

Saturday: Neon Party

It’s weekend, time to dance! The afternoon party flows easily into the Neon Party with a very danceble mix of music from all decades. A great evening to release all walking stress from your muscles!

Thursday till Sunday

Every day at noon the party begins! While walkers start returning it is time for everybody to have a drink and dance. Enjoy the live performances of a great variety of artists and the Jamm FM DJ’s till the early evening. 

Food & drinks

Of course we also thought about getting your energy levels back up. At the Walking Village you will find all kinds of stands and bars with foods and drinks.

We work with contactless payment systems: quick and easy!

This year Marbella 4Days Walking & 4Days Fiesta takes another step towards sustainability by introducing reusable and returnable cups for all drinks.

This includes water at the bars on the Plaza del Mar, helping us to cut down on plastic waste.

Simply pay a deposit of 2€ when buying your first drink at any bar, and keep the cup with you. Cups can be exchanged for clean ones by purchasing a new drink. Just ask the bar staff.

Used cups can be returned, and the deposit refunded at the Recycle Desk.


Cups can be purchased at all bars during Marbella 4Days Fiesta for €2.

(Free M4DF Cup for White Party).

We recommend you keep your cup. Otherwise, you will have to purchase a new one.

Your cup will be replaced by a fresh one EACH TIME you buy a new drink if you return the previously purchased cup.

Used cups can be returned, and the deposit of €2 refunded.


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