The routes of Marbella 4Days Walking require a certain amount of climbing and walking on the beach. Therefore it is sensible to start training in time so it won’t cost you a lot of effort to walk 20 or 30 kilometers a day during 4 days. Along the routes and at the Avenida del Mar there will be ambulances and you will be able to count on medical assistance.

Make sure you bring along enough water and something to eat so that your body will have the necessary energy to perform. Along parts the routes you will find bars and restaurants where you can stop for a bit or to have a drink and use the toilet. The organization will provide water at the start and will place some toilets as well.

During your walk

Normally the weather is quite good in October but do take in to account sun and rain. You will not always be walking in the shade, a hat and sunscreen are a necessary part of your equipment.


Make sure that your travel- and medical assistance insurance are up to date and bring along documentation so you are completely covered in case of an emergency.