Marbella 4Days Walking invites the local schools to participate at the special children’s day on the 13th of October. From all applications 2 schools will be drawn. Last year we did a pilot project with the students from CEIP Xarblanca and the children, teachers and organization of M4DW enjoyed the experience. (click here to see the pictures) The walk formed part of a special education programme of the school.

For the 6th edition we’ve decided to do a raffle. Two schools can participate with their students between the ages of 9 and 12. The draw will take place in the first week of May and the result will be published on our website and facebook. All boards have received an invitation so the children and parents who want their school to participate can contact them to apply.

For all kids who can’t participate on the 13th of October: in the weekend there are special routes of 6km during Marbella 4Days Walking Kids.