Marbella 4 Days Walking wants to contribute in protecting the environment and we will therefore not purchase thousands of disposable water bottles this year.

We are negociating with a local supplier of water tanks – certified clean drinking water – who will be on the routes at various points and where participants can refill a water bottle.
This saves thousands and thousands of disposable bottles and also a lot less effort to collect waste!

Unfortunately, refillable bottles are much more expensive to buy than the disposable bottles.
Therefor our request whether there are companies that want to collaborate with M4DW for our participants and the environment.

A refillable bottle can be provided with a company logo if desired and we also have various other promotion options for a sponsor before and during our event.

If you would like to contribute to the environment with us during the largest 4 walking four-day event in Spain on 17-18-19-20 October 2019 with more than 2000 international walkers, please contact Hans Wohl to discuss the possibilities: info @ or phone +34 639 084 869