11th edition

from 6th – 9th October, 2022


2022 Ticket fees


Available till the 4th OCT 2022
  • 4 DAYS
  • 1 DAY €22
Best Choice

last minute

Available from the 5th - 9th OCT 2022
  • 4 DAYS
  • 1 DAY €25

Signing up is easy

Included in your ticket
  • Registration bag filled with goodies
  • Welcome drink on Wednesday
  • Water & something to eat to keep you fit on routes
  • M4DW App
Your data

On the sign up page you will have to fill in your personal data. These are of course protected.

Choose the days

You can choose the days you want to participate. Only when you walk all four days you will get a medal.

Choose distance

Choose between 10, 20 or 30kms. You can change the distance up until the event on your personal M4DW page.

Check the details

Before going to the payment page, check all details again. Especially your contact data.

Ready to walk with us?

Join thousands of walkers from all over the world.


As always we want to give you the best options for service and prices. If you´d like to build your own travel from start to finish, this is the place to look around. CLICK on the ICON.


We feel that an official event hotel should have excellent service and be at walking distance. We think we found in El Faro Marbella, the best option for you. Please, call or email the hotel and give your participation number to book. Enjoy the benefit of our the special prices! (clic on title event hotel for details)


Whether you want to rent a car to get around or use public transport, we would like you to enjoy a carefree and great experience. We will team up with the most experienced Car Rental Company with great prices & service. We are also partnering up with transport services for airport shuttles. Soon you´ll find here the best deals!

Frequently Asked Questions

In case of emergencies during the event we would like to be able to reach you.

You get your participant number when you register. If you have registered before, this is the number you can use again to sign up for the 2022 edition.

If you did not receive your proof of registration by email, please check your Spam (Junk) mail. If you have any questions regarding registration, you can contact us via email. Click HERE.

No worries, when you signed up you created an account for your personal login page. With these login details you can download your confirmation again.

Log in to your personal page with the details you have received earlier. There  you can change days and kilometres.

If you want to change during the event, please contact our staff at the administration tent.

Log in to your personal page with the details you have received earlier. There  you can change days and kilometres.
If you want to change during the event, please contact our staff at the administration tent.


On Wednesday the 5th of October, you can pick up your credentials and registration bag. You are welcome at the administration tent between 10 and 17hrs. If you have not completed your inscription, our volunteers will help you to do so online.



Marbella 4Days Walking is offical IML member and on the IML event calendar. IML members can get an IML stamp. You have to participate all four days on the 20 or 30km routes to receive your stamp. But, walkers of 70+ can get their stamp for the 10km route. Volunteers at the IML desk will stamp your IML booklet on the fourth day, at the finish.

Time Schedules

There are different starting times, depending on the number of kilometres you choose. Starting times: from 8.30 to 10 hrs. All walkers have to be back before 16.30hrs to have this day counted as one of the four days. You only receive your medal after completing four days.

There is always a party going on, somewhere!

Start Marbella 4Days walking with a great party, dance with other walkers from around the world to live music and fantastic DJ´s, every day at the Plaza. Or enjoy the after parties!


Start your day with a nice cup of coffee at the Walking Village. Alongside the route, you will find bars and restaurants that serve all kinds of foods and drinks. We know our walkers well, so in the places where you most need to refresh your energy, you will find a food station with snacks, coffee and other refreshments.


Our volunteers will scan your chip at the different checkpoints you will pass. In this way, we more or less know where you are and know that you've walked the route altogether. You can use the restrooms at these checkpoints, and there will be refreshments.


You will never walk alone. Our safety cars will be on the route at all times to help out if needed and coordinate with the police and ambulances, who are present along the way. And in case of an emergency during the event, you can always call us on our emergency number, (given at registration).

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